About Us


We are the Agency with a Heart Sanctuary Manpower was born in June 2013 due to a burning passion to be a catalyst of change in the employment agency industry in Singapore. Since we have started operation, we have proven that we are true to our motto "The agency with a heart ". We have practiced fairness and transparency with our business dealings. Our charges are truly "value for money" and one of the most competitive in the industry. Mixed with excellent service and long term support to our customers, It is our dream and vision to be established as the name to be "trusted" when it comes to foreign domestic worker placement in Singapore. With Sanctuary Manpower, you can be assured, this is not just a business - this is our passion !

Our ethical practice helps both helpers and employers: We are the VERY FIRST agency in Singapore that implement the “NO TRANSFER FEE, NO SALARY DEDUCTION to helpers. This puts us in a unique position to help both employers and the helpers. The helper is not bogged down with deductions that makes their life even more difficult and the employer is free from high cash upfront that makes the process of hiring a helper even more stressful than it already is. We sincerely want to help you if you will give us a chance. While other agencies during the onset of pandemic has started adapting the no placement fee for the survival of their business, we are proud to say that we have been implementing the FREE PLACEMENT of helpers since we started operations (8 years) and has helped countless helpers and employers in the process.

We are the only agency that implements the “NO REPATRIATION POLICY”. It Is our belief that the employer should not be allowed to repatriate the helper when the reason for the pre termination of the employment is merely due to incompatibility. In fact , we value this so much that this terms are part of our contract and is being strictly implemented. During entire operations, we have saved many helpers from unjust repatriation (helpers being repatriated as form of revenge from employer or as a form of blackmail for not trying to finish the contract ).

We are proud to say that we have been partners with the Center for Domestic Employees (CDE), since early 2018. CDE is the organization helping and housing helpers in distress and victims of abuses. CDE has been regularly referring helpers to us in their care to place to new employers. CDE used to have a panel of agencies they trust to give the task of finding the new employers to these helpers in distress. We were also a past member of the Foreign Domestic Worker’s Association for Social Support and Training (FAST), another organization taking care of the helper’s issues and welfare. This shows our involvement and commitment in truly helping the helpers in whatever way we can.

Accurate and careful matching

We do the matching in advance. We are careful with employer’s requirements and meticulous in the details . It is because we want to sent profiles of helpers that has been screened by us according to the requirement given to us. Therefore, it is important for us to get as much details as possible, so we are even more accurate. We do not want to waste employer’s time and waste the time of the helpers too. With this system , everyone are assured that once we give the profile of the helper, it is already 50% matched. The rest of the negotiation will happen during the interview. Once given a chance to be able to hire helpers from Philippines, we will continue our mission to be a catalyst of change in the maid agency business and be a good example to the industry and show them that business and ethics can go hand in hand.